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Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, KDM Solutions is at the forefront of access security technology solutions.

What sets us apart:

Our firm specializes in all stages of integration: from Planning & Engineering, Resident Move-In, to system Updates and Recommendations for emerging technologies. With decades of experience designing and installing access systems for condominiums and universities, our team is poised to provide your building with premier access control services for years to come. Unlike other providers, KDM Solutions’ services go well beyond installation…

At KDM Solutions, we are committed to your property’s long-term security needs. We provide full life cycle access support:

  • We guarantee up-to-date access credentials & 24-hour support & troubleshooting services.

  • We provide ongoing training and continuous support for your Community & Operations Management Teams.

Our licensed contractors and designers are experienced in partnering with best-in-class hardware solutions providers like BREVA, BUTTERFLY, and MORE to provide customized installation and designs for your needs.

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Areas of Expertise

luxury condominiums

You provide the best for your residents in location, amenities, service and safety. Now you provide key-less entry from the click of a phone , preventing lockouts while increasing convenience and waste reduction.

corporate campus

Whether your employees are burning the midnight oil or touring facilities across the country, trust KDM Solutions to provide convenient and secure access for your team. With multiple solutions available, from key fobs, mobile access, or multi-system access readers, we have everything needed for installation, training stakeholders, and updating your business’ systems for years to come.

Corporate housing

Help New Hires and Road Warriors alike, with our easy and secure access systems. No more juggling door codes, unauthorized entries, or missing fobs. Even track your cleaning service’s entry/exits for absolute assurance your corporate housing is ready for even last minute guest.

schools and administration buildings

We’ll help you create a premier learning environment for both student and instructor alike with industry leading access systems, database management, and stakeholder training. Providing convenient access and custom authorization levels for senior and executive users, we’ll help make sure that students, teachers, and administrators have secure and easy access to wherever they need to go.

co-working office spaces

Innovation is the key to attracting and retaining start-ups and remote workers in the new economy. KDM Solutions handles your access database, interfacing with clients 24 hours a day to manage limited access hours, changing user access levels, and tracking cleaning service entries. No more lost keys or constantly updating forgotten access codes. KDM Solutions oversees everything from office user signup, to monthly reporting on user turnover and office usage.

college and universities

Universities are versatile, both a community for students and place of business for faculty and leadership. KDM Solutions provides the protocols and database management you need to meet the diverse landscape of higher education. Our multiple solutions and decades of experience building for modern campuses, means KDM Solutions is the all-in-one provider for your college or university.


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